Your company/mill now has a dedicated commercial timber testing facility to service your structural timber compliance testing needs.
Click this link for more information about Breitinger Consulting and its Testing Services.

FAST – Being a purely commercial testing operation ensures that you receive your test reports more quickly than if using other institutional testing laboratories, which are hindered by research or educational programs.

QUALITY - I have 30 years experience with structural timber testing and related Australian Standards. All test results are generated using the latest testing equipment, computer data-logging, and recognised testing and analysis procedures. These aspects are brought together into a NATA-endorsed test report with a Breitinger Consulting letter stating whether the test sample is compliant to the target structural grade.
A project management service is also available to service your company’s product development needs, or acquiring structural timber grade ratings.

ECONOMICAL – Reduce your external testing costs, allow me to offer a quote and you will be amazed at how much money your company can save on its compulsory structural timber compliance bending tests.
Click this link to see my testing fee structure. Having lower overheads than my competitors allows me to offer a low testing fee schedule, and hence save your company money.

Support me and I will continue to offer your business this fast, quality-based, economical service.

Please contact me to discuss all your structural timber product compliance testing requirements, and map out a potential compliance test program to suit the needs of your company’s products.

At your service,
Harold Breitinger
Director, Breitinger Consulting

Click this link for more information about Breitinger Consulting and its Testing Services.


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