About Us


1. Career Experience

Since beginning my career in the Structures Laboratory of CSIRO Division of Building Research (1980 to 1997), and after that managing the R&D program for Plantation Timber Association of Australia, formerly Pine Australia (1997 to 2004), and now as a testing facility owner/operator, I have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the basis and development of current Australian Standards relating to structural timber products. Keeping abreast of all developments of Australian Standards and Industry Standards relating to solid structural timber products is a critical part of this commercial testing service. Breitinger Consulting Test Reports cover all recognised structural timber compliance procedures.

2. Nata Accreditation

On the 24th January 2008 this testing facility became a NATA Accredited Testing Laboratory for timber bending tests, demonstrating that the testing environment and test methods used comply with relevant Australian Standard test methods described in AS/NZS 4063 are conducted within a quality system, www.nata.asn.au .

3. Compliance Testing

Soon every timber processor will need to demonstrate that their structural products are “fit for purpose” by complying with recognised structural timber verification procedures. Be a step ahead of the game and secure your company’s future now, with NATA-certified test data and on-going monitoring procedures for its structural products.


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