Questions for new Clients

Questions for new Clients

Breitinger Consulting Quality Manual
Appendix P
Review of Tenders and Test Requests

  • Determine the reason why customer wishes to test timber. The Clients needs and reasons for the testing service.If testing relates to compliance requirements to Australian or other Standards, then information on the required testing numbers will be discussed.

  • Is the BCTS Laboratory NATA accredited for those test-types?
    If not then refer to other NATA accredited laboratories.
    Breitinger Consulting’s capabilities to complete the discussed work plan.

  • How many tests are desired, and ascertain the time required to complete testing and supply test report.Come to agreement on the number of structural tests required and time required to complete work.

  • Detail the test charging rates. Discuss Breitinger Consulting’s fee schedule for undertaking this testing work, refer to web-site.

  • Issue of a Client Contract will contain details of the Review of Tenders and Test request.

  • Client notification if there is any deviation from the agreed Contract by Breitinger Consulting.

  • Any changes to the Contract requested by the Client will be subject to the same Review of Tenders and Test Request procedure, as shown above. If accepted then the details will be recorded as an addendum to the Contract, and the revised Contract re-issued.

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