Fee Schedule

Testing Charges
My testing fee schedule from September 2015 is as follows;

The new Breitinger Consulting testing fee structure is derived from a basic testing charge with a handling surcharge based on the test board weight.
Please click on the link below to see Breitinger Consulting’s testing capabilities and charges, which now include plywood mechanical tests.

BCTS Test Capabilities


Please contact me to discuss initiate a compliance testing testing program suited to your company needs.

Project Management
I can manage your testing programs that evaluate structural timber performance, for example;

  • compliance testing of solid timber,
  • compliance testing of laminated veneer lumber (LVL),
  • Obtaining GL ratings for glue-laminated timber,
  • Compliance testing requirements for new non-contact machine-grading devices.

These services are provided at a base rate of $100/hour.
Please contact me to discuss your project requirements.


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